Impact Team Pickleball Has Arrived!



Impact Team Pickleball is for players of all ages and abilities that want to participate in fun, fast-paced community programs, events, and competitions. The format features coed teams competing with rally scoring, substitution, and coaching. Whether it’s serving up aces, volleying with precision, or just enjoying a casual hit, our community is always ready to hit the court. Join us for some high-energy fun and become a part of our expanding community.


The Impact Team Pickleball Community Tennis program features year-round leagues that provide playing opportunities in parks, schools, clubs and tennis facilities in hundreds of locations throughout the country. All players compete to qualify for Regional Championships and the Impact Team Tennis Nationals. Learn more about Impact Team Pickleball  and join a league near you. For more information contact Delaine Mast, or email her at


More information coming soon.


More information coming soon.