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New Rating System for ITT – ITF World Tennis number

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ITF World Tennis number

Developed by the International Tennis Federation, the world governing body of tennis, the ITF World Tennis number is globally recognized and being adopted in over 135 countries, including the U.S.

What Makes It Great

  • The advanced tool makes it easy to group level-based play
  • It’s a 40-1 global scale: Beginners starts at 40 and professional tennis players will be closer to 1
  • Data updated weekly for near real time accuracy
  • Millions of player match results across the U.S. and the world means more data points are analyzed
  • Players get one number for singles and one for doubles
  • Will now include ITT match results

Beginning in 2022, the goal will be to test the ITF World Tennis Number and educate tennis coaches and providers.

The USTA is committed to using the ITF World Tennis Number to improve competitive experience, and will be rolling out features, information, and additional  tools as they are available over the next few years.

Other future benefits and features of ITF World Tennis Number:

  • A personalized online tool called GameZone, that helps you identify players of similar skill level
  •  Online searchable community that lets you find players wherever you are
  •  Access to statistics to track and improve your game, including head-to-head comparisons with other players and their win/loss ratios
  •  A tool for college coaches to use to evaluate prospective student-athletes worldwide
  •  A tool that could be used for seeding and selection for College Tennis

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