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Kathy Willette Annual Leadership Scholarship


The 2023 Leadership Scholarship is an opportunity for junior players who participated in the 2023 Junior Nationals in Orlando, Florida, June 17 – July 20 to write an essay describing their experiences participating in the Junior Nationals. Each of the winning applicants, one boy and one girl, will be awarded a $500 scholarship.


Only those players selected to play on a team in the 2023 Junior Nationals are eligible to apply for the 2023 Leadership Scholarship. The essay is to be written by the participant in the event. The scholarship is NOT related in any way to “on-court performance.”


Content: the value of the content is 75% of the evaluation process. The essay should delivery your personal verbal reflection on your experience at the Junior Nationals event, focusing on at least three of the four following prompts:
● Lessons Learned
● Friendships Made
● Impact of the coed/team format on the individual player and his/her team
● Expression of a “life-changing” experience through participation in the event

Composition and Punctuation: the value of skills in composition and punctuation will be 25% of the evaluation process.


● Font: 12-point Times New Roman
● Line Spacing: 2x
● Length: the essay shall not exceed 500 words

● Format: Word Document


1. Complete the “Application” Form
2. Have your parent or guardian sign, where indicated, their approval of the submission of your essay to Junior Nationals.
3. Email the Application Page, your essay, and a head shot to Kathy Willette:
4. The deadline for receipt of your application and essay is September 15, 2023

Enjoy the opportunity and experience, and as Billie Jean King would say, “Go for it!”

Previous Winners