Impact Team Pickleball Has Arrived!

2024 Junior Nationals Presented by Impact Team Tennis

Orlando, FL

July TBD


Event Details

Contact: Delaine Mast, Tournament Director

All Tournament Entries have been paid so no additional payment is needed!

Thank you and see you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligible to Play

By invitation only to any team that won a ITT Regional Championship between January 1 and September 30, 2023. If the first place team declines their invitation, the second place team from the Regional Championship at which the first place team qualified from, may be issued the invitation.

If additional teams are needed to fill a division, WILD CARD ENTRIES may be accepted. ITT retained the right to make a decision on the WILD CARD ENTRIES.

Only those players listed on the roster submitted to ITT for the Regional Championship will be allowed to participate during the Nationals. No additional players may be added at this point.

  • Teams participating the in Nationals will compete in the same division that they won at their respective Regional Championship.
  • Rosters and photo I.D.’s will be check, prior to and at the tournament, respectively.
  • A USTA National Campus waiver form will need to be filled out by each participant prior to the start of the tournament.
  • A participant may compete on two teams at the Nationals as long as the teams are in different divisions. No special scheduling will be done to accommodate these players.
  • All participants must be 18 years and older (must be 18 at the time of the Regional Championship in which they participated in). Players competing in the Senior Division must turn 50 (or 60 for Super Seniors) during the calendar year.
  • Confirmation letters will be sent to team captains the week of October 16th.
  • Final decisions will be made by the Tournament Director, Jennifer Smith.
  • All divisions will play a round robin format.
  • With the exception of the Super Senior divisions, the standard Impact Team Tennis format will be used (two courts; six sets; six games per set; nine-point tiebreaker at five games all; no-ad scoring).
  • The Super Senior divisions will not play singles and will play eight games per set with a nine-point tiebreaker at seven games all.
  • In the event of inclement weather, the five set (one court) format may be used.
More information coming soon.
More information coming soon.

The team entry fee is $400.

This fee includes a player gift bag (including a t-shirt) for all players. Individual awards will be presented to players from the championship and finalist teams at the conclusion of the matches.

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